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Donghua USA Inc.

Agricultural Chains

We offer many kinds of agricultural chain products including a wide range of combine chains. Our experience in agricultural chain production comes from being an OEM supplier. Accordingly, we have accumulated in-depth knowledge of agricultural chains in all areas: development, manufacturing and application. We design our agricultural chains to meet precise operational requirements according to operating conditions. You can expect the best material and optimum heat treatment method.

Driving Chains

Driving chain is our most widely used product in the market. On-going development and improvements make it especially suitable for a wide variety of diverse conditions such as motorcycle chain, high strength roller chain, galvanized chain, nickel-plated chain, Dacromet-plated chain, lubrication-free chain and oil field chain. We supply a large range of standard attachments, or we can custom develop an attachment according to your specifications.

Stainless Steel Chains

Consider Donghua USA stainless steel chain for your toughest application. It is especially suitable when anti-corrosion properties are required, as in a chemical application or in extreme temperature conditions. Our austenitic stainless steel chain series has excellent anti-corrosion properties, and can be applied in acidic, alkaline and -40°-600° temperature conditions. In comparison, series 316L has better diamagnetism, good suitability in severe temperature conditions where anti-corrosion properties are needed. The martensitic stainless steel chain series (such as 2Cr13) has anti-corrosion properties as well as comparable strength to a chain with the same carbon steel content.

Leaf & Hoisting Chains

Donghua USA hoisting chain includes our standardized leaf chain series and multi-plate pin chain, as well as our parking garage chain and special leaf chain for stackers. Each adopts high wear-resistant pin carburizing technology and/or pin through hardened technology in order to increase its impact resistance. An example is the special leaf chain for container stackers which has high wear resistance and fatigue performance in order to meet the requirements of high-load and continuous operation conditions.

Conveyor Chain

We combine extensive design experience and modern manufacturing technology to custom design the exact conveyor chain needed for various market applications. You can find Donghua conveyor chain used as escalator step-chain, double plus chain, palm oil chain, sugar mill chain, spreading machine chain, dry oven chain, bulk material conveyor chain, and more. Each incorporates high quality material, precise heat-treatment, and quality assembly. Donghua USA conveyor chain meets the international standard (ISO) and other advanced industrial standard (DIN, ANSI, BS).

Escalator Chains

Donghua USA escalator chains are precision designed for maximum working life, whether it is a light or heavy duty application. Our escalator chain is engineered to meet your exact application, and the design encompasses all required lubrication traits. Working with your load rates and use patterns, we will create a precision chain that matches your specific requirements.


Standard Roller Chains

ANSI Standard Roller Chains

  • Uniformity consistent heat treated parts
  • Shot-Peened Parts for metal fatigue resistance
  • Assembled with Cold Formed Solid Bushing for size 35 and up
  • Pre-Stretching eliminating initial stretch
  • DID's unique XT-Power Link implemented as D.I.D standard connecting link(Size 50 to 240)

XT-Power Link

  • A reinforced connecting link with our unique CBP treatment.
  • Up to 65% greater fatigue strength than conventional loose fit type connecting link.
  • Implemented as D.I.D standard connecting link (Size 50 to 240).

BS Roller Chains

  • Conforming to the ISO"B series" and the British Standard.

Ultimate Power Chains

HI-PWR-S Roller Chain

  • The dimensions are identical to ANSI/JIS Standard Roller Chain.
  • Oval Figured Wider Waist Link Plates and Thru Hardened Pin.
  • Maximum Allowable Load 30% Higher than DID Standard.
  • Size available in 80 through 240 up to 3 strands in riveted and cottered style.

HK Roller Chain

  • The dimensions are identical to ANSI Heavy Series Roller Chains.
  • Thru Hardened Pin and Thicker Link Plate of next larger size
  • Tensile Strength 20% Higher than DID Standard
  • Size available in 40 through 240 up to 3 strands in riveted and cottered style.

HI-PWR-SHK Roller Chain

  • Heavy Duty and Wide Waist Link Plates with Thru Hardened Pins
  • Maximum Allowable Load 50% Higher than DID Standard.
  • Size Available in 80 through 240 in riveted and cottered style.
  • Consult us availability and specification for multiple strands HI-PWR-SHK Chain

Wear Resistant Chains

X-Ring Chain (LX)/O-Ring Chain (LD)

  • Recommended for the application where regular lubricant is difficult.
  • X-Ring/O-Ring Chains provide up to 20 times longer wear life of Standard Chain.
  • X-Ring reduces friction in halves.
  • X-Ring Chains are available for size 40, 50 & 60.
  • O-Ring Chains are available for size 35 & 80 through 240 and ISO/BS 06B through 16B
  • Lubrication Performance Comparison by Thermography
  • Comparison of Dust Emergence at Cleanroom Environment

Fit X-Ring Chain (LF)

  • Same dimension as ANSI/JIS Standard Chains on overall pin length, outer link width and inner link inside width.
  • Standard guide rail and chain cover can be used without modification.
  • Patented X-Ring’s outstanding grease sealing performance doubles the wear life of conventional Sintered Bushing chain.
  • Size available in 40 through 60.

Sintered Bushing Roller Chain (UR-B)

  • Recommended for the applications where clean environment is required or regular lubricant is difficult.
  • For Low Speed and Light Load applications.
  • Comes with black oxide finishing on link plates as standard.
  • Size available in 40 through 80. Please consult us specifications for double strand UR-B

DH-α Chain (DHA)

  • Extremely Hardened Carbide Layer on the Pin Surface
  • The Pin with a "SUPER-HARD" coated layer protects the critical area from adverse environment.
  • Size Available in 25 through 60.

Cold Formed Solid Bushing Roller Chain (D)

  • Bushing is made by Cold Forming technology, NOT Pipe Material.
  • Seamless Smooth surface and Perfect Roundness
  • Size Available in 25H through 100.

Environment Resistent Chains

Nickel Plated Chain (N)

  • Neat, Clean and Glossy Finish and decent corrosion resistance.
  • Nickel plating is coated to each component before assembly.
  • Use Hi-Guard or Double Guard chains when used in severe corrosive conditions and strength is required.

Hi-Guard Chain (E)

  • Rust protection is "Twice as Tough" as Nickel Plated thanks to highly corrosion resistant film,
  • Compliant to RoHS and using environmental friendly material.
  • Recommended for the application where both strength and high corrosion resistance are required.
  • Use Stainless Steel chains when chains are expected to contact with food.

Double Guard Chain (WG)

  • Rust protection is "Twice as Tough" as Hi-Guard Chain thanks to Double Layer Special Coating.
  • Compliant to RoHS and using environmental friendly material.
  • Can be used in mild alkaline and mild acid conditions.
  • Use Stainless Steel chains when chains are expected to contact with food.

Stainless Steel Chain (SS/SSK)

  • SS series Stainless Steel chain is assembled with all components being made of SUS304
  • SS chains provide excellent resistance to corrosion and heat.
  • DID's SS chains comes with seamless SOLID ROLLER.
  • SSK series Stainless Steel chain consists of SUS304 link plates and hardened SUS631 round parts.
  • Maximum Allowable Load from SSK is higher by 50% than the one from SS.

Stainless Steel X-Ring Chain (SSLT)

  • Combination of advantages from Stainless Steel Chain and X-Ring Chain.
  • Chain Grease sealed between pin and bushing is food grade.
  • X-Ring material is heat resistant up to 200℃ (392°F)
  • Size available in 40 through 80.

Super Low Noise Chain (UN)

  • Reducing the noise up to 10dB thanks to unique double layer roller.
  • Drive performance and durability are equivalent to DID standard chain
  • Standard sprocket and connecting link can be used.
  • Size available in 40 through 80.

Low-Temperature Resistant Chain (TK)

  • Can be used at cold environment where temperature reaches down to -40℃(-40°F)
  • Excellent Strength at Low Temperature thanks to special material and grease.

Special Chains & Related Products

Pin Oven Chain

  • Heat Resistant X-Ring Pin Oven Chain performs exceptionally well inside high temperature oven
  • DID Pin Chain dominates Japanese domestic market due to excellent long life performance.
  • Wide selection of chain types and tip styles available to meet Can manufactures requirements.
  • Consult us for engineering support

Oil Field Chain (RIG-REDi)

  • Greater Fatigue Strength Ever!
  • Loose Fit Center Link Plate for improving workability.
  • Solid Bushing for Greater Wear Life
  • API License Number 7F-0010

Leaf Chain

  • AL series plate dimension and thickness are the same as standard roller chain outer plate.
  • BL series has wider/thicker plate and larger pin diameter for heavy shock application.
  • DID is approved by Japanese major Forklift and Construction OEMs.

Bicycle Chain

  • Lightweight and Compact design to meet today's requirement from Bicycle industry.
  • Wide variety products range from general use to race competition and KEIRIN.
  • Hi-Guard coating Bicycle Chains for corrosion resistance and neat appearance.

Small Pitch Chain

  • Designed for application with limited space such as office equipment and industrial robot.
  • Small Pitch Chains with DH-α Pin is well accepted in automotive/motorcycle industries.
  • Can be expanded to other industries where chain wear elongation is an issue.

Agricultural Chain

  • Excellent quality and durability.
  • Many specialty chains are approved by major agricultural machine OEMs worldwide.

Small Conveyor Chains

Single Pitch Conveyor Chain

  • Wide variety of standard and special made-to-order attachment chains.
  • Wear Resistant & Environment Resistant series with Attachment.

Double Pitch Conveyor Chain

  • Wide variety of standard and special made-to-order attachment chains.
  • Wear Resistant & Environment Resistant Double Pitch Chain with Attachment.

Free Flow Chains & other Conveyor Chains

  • Top Roller Chains
  • Side Roller Chains
  • Hollow Pin Chains
  • Flexible Chains
  • Flat Plate (Straight Sidebar) Chains

Free Flow Chains & other Conveyor Chains

  • Top Roller Chains
  • Side Roller Chains
  • Hollow Pin Chains
  • Flexible Chains
  • Flat Plate (Straight Sidebar) Chains

Large Conveyor Chains & Sprockets

Standard Conveyor Chain

  • Available in a variety of dimensions, strength, material and heat treatment
  • Extensive selection of attachments which can be used for a broad range of application.

Bucket Elevator Chain

  • Specialty chain for continuous discharge type Bucket Elevator in vertical operation, which has superior durability and longer life performance.
  • For two series of Bucket Elevators: NE Type for regular speed & NSE Type for high speed

Continuous Flow Conveyor Chain & Chain for Dust Conveyor

  • Specialty chain with blades for flowing a powder or a dust in the same feeding direction of the chain.

Seal Chain (Mega X-Ring Chain)

  • X-Ring Chain for Large Conveyor
  • Recommended for severe circumstances and maintenance-free to be necessary.

DK Conveyor Chain Sprocket

  • Smooth engagement and accurate feeding with Large Conveyor Chains
  • Consult us for segmental sprocket, which could reduce your maintenance cost and downtime.